Vaping to quit smoking

Helping someone quit smoking

Many people know the effects of smoking first-hand, perhaps after losing family members who have died from cancer or heart disease. Helping someone quit smoking is a great thing to do.

Be the difference

Many people who start vaping to quit smoking do so because they are encouraged by friends and family. Your support could make a huge difference.

In terms of what got them over the line to start vaping, responses were either ‘family’ or ‘friends’. Either of whom pressured them to quit smoking or to vape together.

Perspectives and Experiences with Smoking and Vaping, Kāhui Tautoko Consulting

A little can do a lot

All you have to do, is remind your friend or family member that they’re not alone.

  • Ask them how they are.
  • Remind them you’re there.
  • Be positive.
  • Go to smokefree places.
  • Do active things.
  • Remind them why they’re quitting.
  • Take them to a vape store.

Bigger picture

To help someone quit, it can help to understand the bigger picture.

The reasons people smoke can be a mix of physical (nicotine addiction), social (habits) and emotional (relief from stress).

Helping your whānau or friends with other stresses in their life, can give improve their chances of successfully quitting smoking.

Smoking helps me being able to cope with my kids and the stresses of life.

Perspectives and Experiences with Smoking and Vaping, Kāhui Tautoko Consulting

Join the journey

If you’re a smoker consider switching to vaping too. Quitting together with whānau and friends can make the journey a lot easier for both of you.

Employers can help

Be inclusive of all staff. Talk to employees who are vaping to quit smoking about what you can do to support them, while still being considerate about other people.

Support for supporters

Stop smoking services support people who are quitting as well the people who support them.

If you’re helping whānau and friends quit smoking, what they’re going through affects you too.

Find a stop smoking service near you