Vaping to quit smoking

Support to quit smoking

Good on you for coming this far. Finding support is part of the journey of vaping to quit, and can make the difference in successfully switching.

Support – Why it makes a difference

Support – Why it makes a difference

Talk to others

One of the best things you can do is talk to others who have quit with vaping. Ask them what they wish they knew before they started and if anything in particular helped them through it.

Quit with others

Vaping to quit with other people can be the best support. Ask whānau and friends to give it a go with you.

There are online groups and local vaping support groups that you can join. Remember, you’re not alone on your vape to quit journey.

For this participant, online communities offered technical support regarding the use of a device. Others highlighted the emotional support that new vapers can gain from more experienced vapers who had already ‘made the switch’. These participants recognised that because transitioning may be difficult, the online community was an important source of support.

Barriers and Facilitators to Switching from Smoking to Vaping: Advice from Vapers. Drug and Alcohol Review, 2019

Get a free quit coach

A free and qualified Quit Coach can help you make a plan so you've got everything you need in place - so you can just get on with quitting. With a quit coach you've got a much better chance of quitting for good. You can contact Quitline, or find a Quit Coach in your local area. Learn more about Quit Coaches, and your options, at

Find help and support

Need help in other areas of life?

Smoking is often a coping strategy for other stresses in life. Finding support for financial worries, domestic issues or other life difficulties is just as important in helping you stop smoking.

Quitline can advise you on other services that could help.

The kids have finally gone to sleep, they can be hard to put down. I go outside to get some fresh air, and a smoke.

Ministry of Health insights into smoking report.

If pregnant, talk to your doctor

If you’re pregnant and smoking, talk to your doctor about the best quitting options for you.

Learn more about vaping and pregnancy