Vaping to quit smoking

Tips for success

Switching to vaping replaces some of the things that people miss when they quit smoking, but like any change it has its challenges. Knowing what to expect can help with the transition.

Tips and tricks for vaping to quit smoking

Tips and tricks for vaping to quit smoking

A good store

Finding a specialist vape store with a knowledgeable person can make a big difference. They probably know what it’s like to switch to vaping, so don’t be intimidated by the look of the store. If you have any questions as you get used to vaping and your device, go back and check in with them.

A starter vape

When you think of vaping you probably think of big clouds. Well don’t. Those generally come from low nicotine e-liquid and the large tank style device. They are not suited to people who are starting to quit smoking.

You want a high nicotine, discreet pod or pen style, designed to help quit smoking. Ask if they have starter kits.

What vape should I get?

Trial and error

It can take a bit of time finding the right device, nicotine strength e-liquid, and flavour. Give yourself a chance to find what is right for you.

What vape liquid should I get?

Nicotine management

Freebase nicotine, nicotine salts, high strength, low strength. What does it all mean? Part of a smooth transition is understanding e-liquids.

Learn about managing nicotine. Understand the options

Surviving your first two weeks

A lot of success in switching from smoking to vaping relies on the first two weeks. This time can be tough, but it’s worth giving it a really good go.

Why are the first weeks hard? Here’s what to expect

Socialising and habits

Vaping can be a lot like smoking, from a routine point of view. But there are some things you might find different.

How will vaping affect your life? Adapting to vaping


Be kind to yourself. A lot of people say the biggest hurdle to quitting is believing you can do it. These feelings are normal, and talking to others who’ve been through it can help.

Support for quitting

Realistic goals

It’s good to know that lots of people take two to three months to fully stop smoking and consider themselves a vaper. And that’s ok.

If you’ve got a bigger goal to stop vaping too, many vapers find they get to this stage around the 12-month mark. Don’t rush it. You have a choice of reducing your frequency of vaping over time, and reducing the strength of nicotine in your e-liquid. Only reduce when you feel you won’t go back to smoking, and won’t have to puff more to compensate.