Vaping to quit smoking

Socialising and habits

As you go from smoking to vaping, so much will stay the same and yet so much will change. Through it all, it’ll be for the better.

What will feel the same

The idea of vaping is to keep some of the familiarity of smoking, while lowering the harm. So in theory, your routine should feel the same. If you’d normally smoke on a break, vape on a break. If you’d smoke out with mates, vape out with mates. As long as you don’t feel tempted to go back to smoking.

Where you can vape may or may not be confined to smoking areas. It’s up to individual councils and businesses to make their own vaping policies. When it comes to vaping in front of children however, treat that the same as cigarettes.

I wouldn’t smoke in front of kids. I don’t want them to see me smoking.

Exploring Why Young Māori Women Smoke, Ministry of Health, 2017

In addition to the nicotine, some people smoke to get time out from stressful things going on in their lives. Vaping can do this too if you vape when you’d normally smoke.

What will feel different

As you stop smoking, you’ll feel healthier. For some people, that can happen pretty quickly. Many people switching from smoking to vaping feel they breathe easier and cough less.

I know that smoking is bad for me… with the vaping I feel like I have more energy… whereas with smoking I get puffed.

Exploring Why Young Māori Women Smoke, Ministry of Health, 2017

You might feel judged by your friends, or they might feel you’re judging them. As more smokers vape to quit, it’ll become the new normal.

It might feel strange being around whānau or friends who smoke, once you’ve made the switch. You can choose to vape with them, or not be around when they smoke.

My biggest barrier was probably whānau that smoked within the environment I live in, so the way I overcome that was that we all started vaping together

Exploring Why Young Māori Women Smoke, Ministry of Health, 2017

What will help

Tell people you’re vaping to quit smoking. That will avoid them offering you cigarettes, and might even inspire them.

Remind yourself why you’re switching. For your whānau, for more money in your pocket at the end of each week, and for your health.

My children will help me (stay smoke-free). So like if I look at my daughter and I look at a smoke, I would pick her over it. Smoking is not even worth it.

Exploring Why Young Māori Women Smoke, Ministry of Health, 2017

Realistic goals help. It can take two to three months to transition to only vaping, and it can be a while before you're ready to be vape free. No rush, take your time.

Support, support, support. Did we mention support?

Support for quitting can really help