Vaping to quit smoking

Surviving your first two weeks

Welcome to your first two weeks. They won’t always be straight-forward, but knowing what to expect will make them easier.

Expect nerves

Walking into a vape store for the first time can feel intimidating, but many of the people behind the counter have been where you are; wanting to vape to quit smoking.

Find a good store and good person. They’ll help you select the right vape device and nicotine strength e-liquid for you.

Advice from current vapers to new vapers [included] doing research on vaping products, finding the ‘right’ device/liquid combination, and persisting through an adjustment period.

Barriers and Facilitators to Switching from Smoking to Vaping: Advice from Vapers. Drug and Alcohol Review, 2019

Getting used to it

Vaping’s meant to be similar to smoking, in that you’re inhaling something. But the feeling could take some getting used to.

Nicotine e-liquid has quite a peppery taste, plus the flavouring on top. You might also notice a throat hit, which depends on the type and strength of nicotine. Give it a day or two.

It wasn’t difficult to learn it was just getting used to the feeling of vaping rather than smoking, it just feels different when you do it.

Perspectives and Experiences with Smoking and Vaping, Kāhui Tautoko Consulting

Keep your habits

Some people think if they’re quitting smoking, they have to limit their vaping too. Not true.

The idea is to keep your habits, and nicotine, the same at the start. The only thing you’re swapping out is the stick, so you’re not getting as many of the toxins from burning tobacco.

Vape when you would normally smoke, or whenever you need a hit. It might be little and often, rather than every few hours.

Charge it, like a phone

A vape device is electronic. Just like your phone, it needs to be charged every night. This little tip is actually a big one. The last thing you need, is a flat battery on your vape device.

Have your vape on you all the time and make sure the e-liquid’s topped up.


To avoid burning your coil, always make sure there is enough liquid in the tank and never press the button unless you are puffing on it. If you dry burn the coil, replace it as well as the e-liquid.

Testing moments

Life throws curve balls all the time. If possible, try to avoid stressful situations in your first few weeks of switching, or if they can’t be avoided make a plan.


One of the biggest barriers to starting to vape can be the confidence to just start and see how you go. Feel the doubt, know it’s normal, and try it anyway.

The more I get down in the process of trying to quit, the more I start doubting myself.

Exploring Why Young Māori Women Smoke, Ministry of Health, 2017

It is mind over matter – you have to tell yourself you can do it, make the time to go and get it and then stick to your plan.

Exploring Why Young Māori Women Smoke, Ministry of Health, 2017

Everyone has a ‘why’ they decided to quit smoking. It could be for your kids, to save money, or a promise to be smokefree by your next birthday. Remember your ‘why’ to stay motivated.

Talk to others who’ve been through it, and find support for quitting