Vapefree Schools

Suppoting parents

Vaping is a learning opportunity to help young people through real life challenges. Talk openly with them, ask questions and listen to their answers. Empower them with the facts so they feel in control.

Find time to Talk

Talk to your children about vaping. This How to talk to your teen page has useful tips on finding the right moment, what to ask and how to respond.

Treat vaping situations (such as vape shops or advertisements) as learning opportunities to ask them what they know, what they think, and how they feel.

Key Messages

Explain that vaping is less harmful than smoking, but only for people who want to quit smoking.

Vaping is not for non-smokers, especially children and young people.

Explain that most vapes contain nicotine, a highly addictive substance which can be very hard to stop once you’ve started.

Vaping can also have adverse effects on physical activity, sports, and a person's overall health and wellness.